About Us

Our Mission:

To provide our customers with the best value, quality, and safety in high performance helmets and riding accessories.

About our company:

Ivolution Sports, Inc was born out of a desire to create cutting edge helmet designs that provide top notch performance at a low price and doing it all while looking great! Our helmets are produced in one of the best factories in the world alongside some of the most prestigious brands in the industry. The owners of the company are hands on with product development, design, and quality control. We back up all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, world class customer service, and dirt cheap shipping rates.



iv2-about-us-draft-15.jpgCompare our features and technology to other brands and it's easy to see that you get so much more than you pay for with an IV2 helmet.

All of our DOT, ECE approved helmets are constructed using high quality materials such as polycarbonate and/or Fiber Glass mix with special cold weather and paint curing additives as well as UV protection to insure durability and the best in protection.
All our helmets are high-pressure injection-molded with the mold part line removed and painted over to minimize imperfections in the surface and maximize graphics display ability.
To ensure a long-lasting finish, all of our helmets with graphics are given a special UV treated clear-coat to protect the graphic from peeling off or fading.
Our helmet designs feature at least 5 air intakes and exhaust ports. All intake ports are easy to open and close with your riding gloves on so you can keep cool in the summertime and focus on the ride.
Inside almost every IV2 helmet we use hypo-allergenic liners that are extremely comfortable and durable. Full face and modular helmet interiors are all fully removable for easy cleaning and have stainless steel and plastic snaps for durability and ease of cleaning. Every helmet chin strap is attached with high-strength stainless-steel rivets, and is secured with DOT approved standard D-rings.