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IV2 Elite: FALCON 967 Series - Mercenary "MECH" High Performance Dual Visor, Full Face, Street Motorcycle Helmet [DOT]

$199.95 $79.95
(You save $120.00)

Product Description

IV2 Helmets ELITE: FALCON 967 Series - Bluetooth Compatible High Performance, Dual Visor, Full Face, Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet [DOT Approved]

• IV2 High Performance Full Face Dual Visor Unisex Adult Helmet
• NOTE: This helmet is compatible with most 3rd party Bluetooth Units (Sold Separately). Please check with your Bluetooth device provider for more details.
• Glove-friendly and waterproof controls
• EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner
• Fully Removable and Washable Interior
• Advanced lightweight durable shell - Advanced Thermoplastic Shell Technology
• Easy To Use Anti-scratch Face Shield/Visor
• Quick Access, Easy Open Air Vents Designed for Durability and Functionality, while providing Maximum Circulation
• DOT Certified(non-removable graphic on the back)
• Comes with a Cloth Helmet Bag New In Box

Helmet Sizing information:
Our sizing is based on a fit that suits the majority and is industry standard. If you have a specific preference for a very tight or loose fit, then we suggest you order a larger or smaller size as appropriate.

SMALL : 21½" - 22"
MEDIUM : 22¼" - 22¾"
LARGE : 23" - 23½"
X-LARGE : 23¾" - 24½"
XX-LARGE : 24½" - 25"

Product Reviews

  1. Out of the box review

    Posted by jim S.E. Indiana on Apr 29th 2017

    Received this helmet on 4/29/17..Manufacture date of 10/2016. I Out of the box, the helmet is in great condition. Fit is spot on with sizing. It's quite snug, and no doubt will break in over time. I have MULTIPLE helmets of various brands & styles, and have ridden for over 30 years, so comparison is how this review is based. I consider myself an "intermediate oval" head shape.
    The interior will rate with the BEST of higher quality brands, IV2 has done MUCH improvement for interior padding upgrade, which makes for a much more comfortable fit. Remember that you are buying a helmet for FIT & PROTECTION 1st, Unless it's going to just be a bookshelf helmet. Graphics are fantastic, Nothing off center or askew, so 5 stars in that department. Of course the true test would be in a crash, but for every rider, let's NOT hope that happens.
    Shields all work with ease with gloves, and are smooth in movement and optically straight. We know some lower cost helmets tend to have "wavy" shields and are horrendous to look through.
    Overall, I would give this helmet a solid 4 stars.(only a 5 star rates a crash survivability). and would not hesitate to buy again , WHICH I already have 2 other helmets from IV2. If you are looking for an everyday, low cost helmet with some really nice features , don't hesitate, try one out.

  2. I love it the best helmet

    Posted by William Hinely on Feb 14th 2017

    Is a nice helmet waterproof windproof nice coloring scratch resistant overall nice helmet if it's really tight

  3. I love it the best helmet

    Posted by William Hinely on Feb 14th 2017

    Nice tight fit waterproof windproof very quiet when you put it on nice coloring Strack's resistant awesome helmet ever.

  4. I love it

    Posted by William Hinely on Feb 14th 2017

    Nice tight fit waterproof windproof very quiet when you put it on nice coloring Strack's resistant awesome helmet ever

  5. All around great

    Posted by Cameron Freeman on Jan 12th 2017

    This helmet is very comfortable to wear and was sized perfectly. The double visor is great for in the sun because I could see great while the regular visor still blocks the wind. The design of the helmet is very sharp and has a great color to it. Overall I would definitely recommend this helmet to anyone.

  6. New and much improved

    Posted by Toby K. on Jan 8th 2017

    The new Falcon 967 “MECH” Helmet is excellent. Starting with the visuals: the artwork is phenomenal. The intricate detail put into the paint scheme makes it an eye-catching piece of headgear. The body work looks sleek and works well with the overall theme of the paint job. Continuing with the bodywork: The newer simpler design of the air inlets makes this helmet much more user friendly than some of the previous models. Instead of dual independently operated air inlets at the top, there is now just one inlet which can be operated quick and easily on the fly. The redesigned chin air inlet combined with the top inlets and sleek looking rear vents created excellent ventilation. On days where ventilation is not desired the inlets can be closed and the built-in chin skirt helps keep out air trying to creep in from underneath. Stepping into the visor category: The main visor operation is vastly improved over previous models. It’s easy to operate and so smooth. Some of the older models felt ratchety when moved up and down, but those days are long gone. Now on to the DVD sun visor. Overall one of my favorite improvements over other models. Instead of the neckline operated toggle on the bottom of the helmet, the new mechanism was sleekly fitted in behind the main visor hinge on the left side of the helmet. No more accidental bumping and half up half down sun visors. Other than the location improvement, the operation, much like the main visor, is so much smoother. I’m not sure what was done to get it there but whatever it was, was worth doing. Moving on to the interior and strap hardware: Comfort is top notch as always with IV2 helmets. The padding fits snugly and is easy to remove for cleaning. The new quick disconnect chin strap is definitely a plus but there could be room for improvement. The buckle itself is not quite as smooth to operate as other quick disconnects I’ve had in the past. The best of which having been a seat belt-esque metal tongue and receiver type. Another feature that would be nice to see on the chin strap would be a snap for the excess strap. Currently the only option for keeping the excess strap from flapping in the breeze is tucking it into the shell of the helmet. I would prefer to be able to just snap it back to itself, cleanly solving the issue entirely. The last possible improvement would be the cushions on the chin strap. The previous helmet I’ve owned from IV2 had much stiffer chin strap cushions. This kept them in place when buckling the strap. The newer cushions are thinner and tend to slide out from under the strap, forcing me to push them back between the strap and my chin. The cushions are comfortable, so maybe a sewn on bungee loop over the strap would solve the issue. To conclude, the Falcon 967 is a superb helmet. IV2 has yet to disappoint with their products and they continue to improve with every new model. If you’re looking for a sleek, slick operating, and beautiful helmet the Falcon 967 “MECH” fits the bill.

  7. IV2 967

    Posted by Tom on Jan 3rd 2017

    I received this helmet about a week ago. I took it on three rides so far and it has worked perfectly. I really enjoyed the built in sunglasses because I wear glasses and it keeps me from having to carry sunglasses and my regular glasses. I got the xl like I have in my Suomy helmets and it fit exactly like it should. I would recommend this helmet to anybody who wants a great helmet for an excellent price.

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