Product Reviewers


About the Reviewer Program

We here at IV2 Helmets strive to for innovation and the continuous improvement of quality in all of our products. We try our best to provide the most enjoyable experience for our consumers, putting a high premium on our user experience for that 100% satisfaction guarantee. But our biggest and most important focus lies on our helmet safety, comfort and design. And in order to make this happen, we need your help! You feedback helps us fine tune, design, and create the best possible product out there. So join us today and help make the riding experience a little safer for everyone.



As an IV2 reviewer you will be eligible to evaluate our latest products in return for your valued, honest feedback of the product.  Additonal benefits include:

  • Receive FREE SAMPLES of newly launched products for review (on select models)
  • Exclusive DISCOUNTS on selected existing models for review 
  • FREE SHIPPING on all review products
  • FREE 6 MONTH WARRANTY EXTENSION on any IV2 product you currently own (from date of purchase)